RM100 transport allowance for essential workers

We are facing both an economic crisis alongside a health crisis with Covid-19. While most of us are staying home, there are those in essential services that must continue working outside. We must appreciate their sacrifice, as they put their health at risk for us.

Some of our essential workers rely on public transportation to travel between home and work. Two days ago, the government announced that public transport operating hours will be reduced, with the aim to reduce movement and increase social distancing. This move will greatly impact our essential workers who do not drive but depend on public transport, especially for those working of shift, starting or finishing work outside the normal morning and evening peak hour.

Yesterday I launched a scheme to give financial help to essential workers who rely on public transport for shift work, and now must resort to using taxi or Grab. This is to reduce the financial impact that they face. Using the Selangor government allocation to ADUNs for Covid-19, I am offering RM100 to each worker for the 7 days of MCO that they will be affected.

I urge the Federal government to also extend this offer to all other essential worker who relies on public transport nationwide. As the government shuts down public transport to reduce human movement, they should also be mindful of our doctors, nurses, policeman and many other essential worker who are negatively impacted by this move.

Rajiv Rishyakaran
Media statement by Rajiv Rishyakaran in Petaling Jaya on Wednesday, 25th March 2020