Khairul Nizam Sanuddin who cracked a rape joke in class now files a defamation suit against his former student Ain Husniza. It makes a mockery of the teaching profession

I am appalled to read that the physical education teacher Khairul Nizam Sanuddin has filed a defamation suit against his former student Ain Husniza for exposing his gaffe on rape in the social media. I think this is the first case in Malaysia where a male teacher has actually sued his student.

The legal action by Khairul Nizam indicates that despite the media onslaught on his action, he is nonchalant and still feels what he did is proper. His legal action has made a mockery of the teaching profession in Malaysia.

Khairul Nizam should be aware that his” joke” and the subsequent legal action now has tarnished the image of the country as the case has gone viral and has been widely reported by international media.

I ask the Education Minister, who is duty bound to guarantee students a safe environment to study, to take an official stand on the legal action taken by this teacher. The timing of this suit could not have been worse, especially when the government is on the verge of presenting anti sexual harassment Bill in Parliament. Ain, an underage student, has reported previously that she has suffered severe emotional distress as a result of the teacher ‘s behaviour. This cannot be ignored.

MP for Seputeh
Media statement by Teresa Kok Suh Sim in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 30th November 2021