Media Statement
By Ean Yong Hian Wah, political secretary to DAP National Chairman, Lim Kit Siang
in Petaling Jaya
on Saturday, 21st September, 2002

Lim Kit Siang will not contest in Gaya parliamentary by-election

This is to further clarify that the DAP National Chairman, Mr Lim Kit Siang has no intention whatsoever of contesting in the forthcoming Gaya parliamentary seat by-election. 

The various news reports which seem to give the impression that Mr Lim would contest  in the by-election are mere unsubstantiated talks with no basis. 

In a statement on September 16, Mr Lim had made it very clear that he would not run for the seat. In spite of that, certain quarters are still harping on this issue. 

Therefore, I urge party members including the DAP Nibong Tebal MP, Goh Kheng Huat,  to respect Mr Limís decision and leave the matter of deciding whether the DAP will contest, or  who will represent the DAP in the by-election, in the hands of the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC). 

I would like to urge the Malaysian Democratic Party (MDP) National Treasurer, Fung Ket Wing - who have openly said that if Mr Lim is to represent the DAP in the Gaya by-election, he (Fung) is willing to give way as he considers Mr Lim as a better candidate than himself Ė not to worry so much of whether Mr Lim will be contesting in Gaya, as there is nothing to stop Fung from taking part in the by-election since Malaysia is a democratic and free country.