39 “perfect students” failed varsity entry

If indeed the 39 students with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.0 did not gain a place in public universities because the courses were already full and some did not meet the requirements, as claimed by a spokesman of Education Ministry, MOE should immediately publish the grades of students accepted into these courses, so that we know if all the students in these courses had better grades (after taking into account the 10% extra-curricular activities) than these 39 students.

It is not easy to obtain a CGPA of 4.0. These 39 students had studied very hard in order to excel among their peers. We tell our children to study hard because their effort will be rewarded. And yet, we now have 39 “perfect students” who failed to get their dream course.

It is pertinent for MOE to publish the grades of students accepted in these courses. We need to let these 39 students understand that they failed the varsity entry because there were others who outperformed them. Publishing the grades of students accepted in these courses will also help to restore the confidence of parents and students in MOE and the system of our country. Question is, dare MOE accept the challenge to prove that they are totally transparent and fair?

DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary & MP for Kulai
Media statement by Teo Nie Ching in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 3rd August 2013