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IGP’s cold war mentality brings shame to Malaysia

The IGP’s assertion that PSM’s planned crash course on Marxism as an attempt to revive communism is an utter disgrace to the Malaysian Police as well as Malaysia in general.

DAPSY is against any efforts to revive communism, but the IGP’s shallow attempt at smearing healthy debate and discussion of Marxism as propagating communism and his order to shut down free thought – a clearly fascist practice – he himself has shown fascist tendencies.

In this age of rising and grave economic inequality, a diagnosis accurately hypothesised one and a half century ago by Marx, with more and more of his documented thoughts and predictions becoming reality, the counter Capitalistic thoughts of Marx should be debated and discussed.

The war of ideologies fell together with the Berlin Wall. The healthy and adversarial contestation of political ideas of governance between the left and the right is for Politicians and policy makers, and definitely not for the Police to play any part in.

The IGP needs to wake up from his cold-war mentality and return the reality of 2016, where forces from both the political left and the right must unite to fight extremism. As the head of the police, such ludicrous statements cannot and must not be tolerated.

I have just had a meeting with over 200 youths, representing more than 60 organisations from more than 50 countries; ALL who commented on the revelation of the Malaysian IGP’s senseless statement expressed astonishment and condemnations.

The IGP has no place to dictate to the people what political ideology to subscribe to. His assertion is clearly a political attack against PSM and proponents of the counter capitalistic movement; revealing his allegiance to the ruling regime whose very existence counts on the thriving of crony capitalism.

As president of IUSY, the world’s largest youth political organisation in the world, but first and foremost as the International Secretary of DAPSY Malaysia, I condemn the IGP’s feckless and reckless abuse of power in stifling Malaysian’s freedom of healthy political discourse. I call for his immediate resignation, and immediate withdrawal of such backwards and oppressive intentions and potential actions.

Howard Lee Chuan How
DAPSY International Secretary & SA for Pasir Pinji
Media statement by Howard Lee Chuan How in Tirana, Albania on Monday, 29th February 2016