A vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib

In the 2013 General Election (GE), although Pakatan Rakyat (PR) won overwhelming support of the urban and Chinese voters, but we only managed to win a few more extra Parliament seats.

Many who did not vote for the opposition were the Malays in sub-urban and rural areas, and the natives in interior area in Sabah and Sarawak. These natives are the First People/Orang Asal of the land.

In the coming GE, unless the Pakatan Harapan (PH) and the DAP are able to win the support of the natives in Sabah and Sarawak, and also the Malays, we will not be able to capture power in Putrajaya, and political change will not take place.

After the last GE, the DAP has set up the Impian Malaysia section to reach out and to gain support from the natives of East Malaysia. We have done many projects in the interior area of Sabah and Sarawak. On top of that, we have been working hard to reach out to the Malay community in West Malaysia.

Today, more and more natives from all parts of Sarawak have joined the DAP. DAP is now in the position to contest more rural seats in Sarawak in the coming state election. That’s why we have organised this fund raising dinner to raise funds for the candidates in the sub-urban and rural seats.

We understand that the economy is no good, many businesses and ordinary people are affected. We therefore truly appreciate each and every one of you for making efforts and taking time out to support our fundraising dinner for the Sarawak state election.

Today, Malaysia is getting more international attention and publicity for the wrong reason. The 1 MDB scandal has been named by a website as the world’s third most corrupted scandal. Even former PM Tun Mahathir who has served the nation for 22 years now says he is not proud of the country anymore because when he travels abroad, he can’t explain what is happening in Malaysia that is hit by a series of scandals.

Yesterday was a historic day when erstwhile political foes and NGO came together to launch the Citizens Declaration which mains objectives are to oust the PM Najib and bring about institutional reforms. Mahathir had called for the press conference and Anwar who is still in jail had issued a statement expressing his support.

The slogan “Selamatkan Malaysia” was used by the opposition coalition Gagasan Rakyat in the 1990 GE and it was adopted by Dr Mahathir at yesterday’s press conference.

In order to save Malaysia, we need to win the support of the Sarawakians, particularly those in the interior areas in the coming state and the next general election because Sarawak has been regarded as the fixed deposit for BN and Najib.

It is not easy to contest in the interior areas of Sarawak. We need a lot of resources and that is why we appreciate your support tonight. We hope more Malaysians will able to contribute generously as the fight in the coming state election is part of the battle to save Malaysia. It is therefore also a Malaysians’ battle.

A Vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib

There is no doubt that if Sarawak BN wins big in the Sarawak state election, it will be seen as continued support for the PM Najib. In fact, I dare to say that if Adenan wins big, not only Najib will immediately say that the people have faith and confidence in his administration, some UMNO ministers will also jump with joy and declare that people do not think 1 MDB is an issue at all. And Adenan too will thank Najib for his leadership.

I call on Sarawakians to therefore not allow their vote to become a vote for Najib. Vote the opposition for a better Sarawak and Malaysia.

Is Adenan Satem a true reformist?

Sarawak chief minister Tan Sri Adenan has made some clever political moves remarks which have caught the imagination of the Sarawakians. He has also tried to portray himself as a liberal and as one who dares to say no to UMNO.

But is he a true reformist? Is he really a real fighter who stands up against UMNO? The answer is a big NO.

If he is a true liberal and a reformist, he would not have banned me and other oppositionists from entering Sarawak. The immigration autonomy has been misused and abused and Adenan the pseudo liberal and reformist has continued to misuse it.

Sarawakians must not put high hopes on a pseudo reformist or liberal as it is only a matter of time when he will show his true colors.

I am not exaggerating when I say there has not been any courageous and determined reformist in the BN coalition. A true reformist will not be in BN.

Remember former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah who promised to bring reforms and was given a strong mandate? He squandered the people’s mandate and trust in him.

Let’s not forget that Datuk Seri Najib talked a lot about reforms and transformation during his earlier days as PM. He did bring about some changes. But how long did his reform agenda last?
It is during under his premiership that so many people have been charged under the draconian Sedition Act. Despite his 2011 promise that he will not censor the internet, just last month news portal The Malaysian Insider was blocked. The list can go on. Suffice to say that BN is not a party to vote for if what the Sarawakians and Malaysians want is a better Malaysia.

The Pakatan Harapan-led state governments of Penang and Selangor have proven that we can govern better than BN.

I would like to urge our fellow Malaysians who wish to see greater political change in Malaysia to help to spread the message of the importance of Change to your relatives and friends in Sarawak, ask the Sarawakian not to be deceived by pseudo reformist Adenan Satem, but vote for the candidates of Pakatan Harapan to save Malaysia.

DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Seputeh
Speech by Teresa Kok Suh Sim at the Sarawak State Election Fund Raising Dinner at SJKC Chung Kwo, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 5th March 2016