Political obituary of kleptomaniac “Bossku”

The political obituary of the kleptomaniac MO1 can now be written. The bogus warrior met his Waterloo in Sandakan. “Malu Apa Bossku” phenomena was nothing but the last acts of a clown.

Najib managed to hijack the success of Cameron Highlands by-election to launch “Bossku” as the people’s saviour and champion. The biggest single factor for BN to win big in Cameron Highlands was down to the genius of stroke selection of BN candidate Ramli Mohd Nor from the local orang asli community. The strong kinship with the local community and the prospect of being the first ever orang asli member of Parliament immediately made BN strong favorite. Najib seized the chance to re-style himself with T shirts and jeans riding motorbikes campaigning with the slogan “Malu apa Bossku”. People were absolutely dumbfounded and cannot help to be fascinated by the clown-like self deprecating “shameless” ex-Prime Minister. Disproportionate amount of credits was given to him in the win of the by-election as was his intention to redeem his standings in UMNO and BN.

Najib succeeded to capitalize further on his new found fame as as a “Malu Apa Bossku” in the by-elections of Semenyih and Ranatu. Again he exploited the unhappiness of the voters in general as well as the personal charisma of the ex-Menteri Besar Mohammad Hasan to project himself as a major factor in winning the votes. He was becoming an internet star and a “major asset” in BN’s electoral machinery. He had indeed redeemed himself within a year of leading BN to the first ever catastrophic electoral defeat in GE14.

BN and Najib became so confident of his “Bossku” voter appeal that he was to be the last push the day before the by-election in Sandakan. He was mobbed by the crowd with enthusiastic handshakes, hugs as well as the now routine selfies. PBS thought his personal appeals will help energize the far less than exciting Linda Tsen’s campaign. Disaster struck and BN even lost both the Muslim-majority polling districts they won in GE14. The myth of “Bossku” was shattered, knocked-out and buried. Political obituary can finally written to finalize the endings of 1MDB and “billion dollar whale” saga.

Najib was born with a silver spoon as the eldest son of second Prime Minister Tun Razak. He was thrust into politics and elected as the youngest ever Member of Parliament after the death of his father. He was singled out for help and promotion along his political career by successive prime ministers. He was the youngest deputy minister, Menteri Besar and and eventually became the sixth Prime Minister.

Throughout his life, Najib had managed to do well on the back of goodwill and success of the country, UMNO, BN, and various prime ministers including Tun Razak and Tun Dr. Mahathir. He was able to exploit their kindness and help as his own success. The illusion of grandeur eventually got to his head after he became the Prime Minister. He set about to reward himself with tens of billions of public money at the expense of the country’s development, the poor Felda settlers and the religious obligations of Tabung Haji members. He had paid back the people who helped elected him as the Prime Minister with betrayals and destruction. Najib was so blinded by the lures of the sparkling “treasures” that he acted like Alibaba’s brother Cassim. He thought he could cover up the humongous deficits left by his kleptomaniac grabs from the government funds by clever manipulations of the accounts.

At the end, the 1MDB house of cards built on debts came tumbling down, dragging along time honoured institutions like Felda, Tabung Haji and KWAP. The people woke up to the fact that the prodigal son had betrayed their trust and squandered the country’s wealth. Najib was duly evicted from Seri Perdana.

The initial shock of losing the election and the shame of being charged with multiple corruptions led to denial followed by defiance. Instead of pleading guilty and await punishments with dignity, Najib had gone down the path of total denial and shameless accusations that he was the victim of political persecutions. He still harbours the fantasy that he can win back power and rewrite the script.

We can only look at him with pity and despair. He was born with such promises and blessings. He had much help from those in power that other people could only dream of. He managed to hold the highest office in the country but he squandered it all into a farce, tarnished his father’s name and destroyed his legacy, and brought many members of his family down to the darkest path of deceit. The scandals of 1MDB had crossed borders as the target of multiple international investigations. His place in history as the biggest kleptocrat in the world is assured. All these were will be impossible for him to alter or erase.

At the moment, there are a total of 42 counts of corruption and money laundering charges. Najib is likely to be found guilty and end up in prison for a long time. When he is handcuffed to be transported to Sg. Buloh to be locked up. People of Malaysia will move on and he will be forgotten. Chants of “Malu Apa Bossku” will ring hollow with despair. The political obituary of the kleptomaniac MO1 is being written.

Dr Ko Chung Sen
Media statement by Dr. Ko Chung Sen in Ipoh on Monday, 13th May 2019