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Press Statement By Lim Guan Eng In Petaling Jaya On 26.1.2008 

The Prime Minister Should End The National Suspense Over The 12th General Elections By Disclosing The Actual Date So As Not The Disrupt Administration Of Government Services 

DAP calls on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah to end the national suspense of over the 12th general elections by disclosing the actual date so as not to disrupt administration of government services and allow civil servants to focus on carrying out their public duties. Abdullah had told Bloomberg in Davos that elections would definitely be held this year but refused to say when leading to intense speculation of a dissolution in late mid-February and an early March polling date.  

This has heightened public obsession of the election date that is unhealthy and tiring. Even though the Prime Minister has the prerogative under the Federal Constitution to dissolve Parliament any time with the consent of the King, he should end such uncertainty  and suspense quickly.  

Abdullah also told CNN that BN needed a good mandate from the people to allow the government to deal with a myriad of issues in future. BN had obtained a 91% parliamentary mandate on promises of justice, respect for rule of law, sharing our economic wealth, lower crime rates, equal opportunity, reduced corruption, greater political freedom, accountability and good governance.  

Unfortunately such promises has been marked more by its breach than its compliance with escalating crime rates, high inflation, rampant corruption, widening income inequality between the rich and poor, arbitrary use of the ISA as well as poor delivery and governance. So bad is corruption that it has been estimated that for every RN 4 spent by the government, the people only gets returns of RM 1 with the remainder RM 3 lost through corruption, wastage and inefficiencies. 

DAP expresses disappointment that both the Prime Minister and the Elections Commission (EC) have not agreed to a caretaker government to ensure that the ruling BN does not abuse government machinery and resources during elections. The EC have failed to deliver on its promise to allow monitoring of postal votes by the police and army, ensure free, full and impartial access of the mass media and press freedom as well as prevent money politics. This has raised doubts whether elections conducted by EC will be clean and an honest reflection of the will and choice of the voters. 

MCA and Gerakan False Allegations Of DAP Co-operating With PAS Through PKR as the Middle-Man Is “Altatunya Logic” That Would Require Najib Tun Razak To Admit That He Knows Murdered Mongolian Model Altatunya 

MCA and Gerakan’s false allegations of DAP co-operating with PAS through PKR as the middle-man, is “Altatunya Logic” that would require Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to admit that he knows the murdered Mongolian model Altatunya because both of them knows Abdul Razak Baginda. There is no logical link between DAP with PAS unless both MCA and Gerakan dares to declares that Najib knows Altatunya through their common friend Abdul Razak Baginda. 

MCA and Gerakan is worried about the effectiveness of DAP’s call to the people nto to vote for MCA and Gerakan to reduce UMNO’s dominance and save democracy in Malaysia. A vote for MCA/Gerakan/MIC equals to a vote for UMNO’s divisive and discriminatory policies as well as UMNO’s continued political dominance.

* Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General


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