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Joint Press Statement by John Fernandez and Cha Kee Chin in Petaling Jaya on Monday, 17th August 2009:

The allegation of Wong Chuan How not cooperating with the MACC is a non issue

We refer to the press statement issued by the MACC vide The Star news on Monday 17th August 2009, under the heading of “MACC denies using Gestapo tactics”.

We wish to rebut the said statement as follows:- The allegation of Wong not cooperating with the MACC is a non issue, and does not arise. Wong had given full cooperation during the investigations.

It was agreed between Wong and the MACC officers that we would go to the Sungai Pelek police station to lodge a report, before proceeding to the MACC office at Putrajaya. It was agreed between Wong and MACC inter alia that all of us would go to Sungai Pelek police station but it was never discussed or agreed between us as to which car Wong should travel.

The issue of escaping from the MACC officers never arose, but before Wong could get into any car, he was grabbed roughly from behind by unidentified persons.

We insist that there was no attempt by Wong to escape from the custody of the MACC at any material time.

* John Fernandez, MP for Seremban & Cha Kee Chin, SA for Bukit Kepayang; both as Counsels for Mr. Wong Chuan How



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