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Media Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Tuesday, 18th August 2009:

Perak State Assembly sitting on 2/9/2009 is valid and legal, Zambry must respect rule of law

I refer to the Perak State Assembly sitting called by Speaker YB V. Sivakumar to be held on 2nd September 2009. Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abd Kadir’s comment that the Speaker will probably hold it under a tree again indicates that Dato’ Seri Zambry will be blocking the usage of the Perak Legislative Assembly Hall for the said sitting.This shows Dato’ Seri Zambry’s utter contempt for the Perak State Legislative Assembly and the democratic system in this country. I hope Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir will respect the rule of law. Though not elected by the people of Perak, we tentatively respect Zambry as the Menteri Besar of Perak as declared by the Court of Appeal, he should also respect YB V. Sivakumar as the legitimate Speaker of the Perak State Legislative Assembly.

At all material times, both BN and the PR parties respected YB V. Sivakumar as the Speaker of the State Assembly at the last sitting of the Assembly on 7/5/2009.

The 7/5/2009 sitting had not commenced until the Regent of Perak gave his opening speech. The purported election of Dato’ R. Ganesan as the Assembly’s Speaker by a small group of BN elected representatives (which was not legal in itself) was done prior to the opening of the State Assembly by the Regent of Perak. How can a decision made prior to the commencement of a meeting be valid? By insisting that the election of Dato’ R. Ganesan was lawful, Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir is denying the role played by his Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak or the Regent with regard to the opening of a State Assembly sitting. He should apologize to the palace for taking such a stand.

As YB V. Sivakumar is still the legitimate Speaker of the Perak Assembly, he is the only person entitled to call for the sitting of the coming assembly and Dato’ Seri Zambry Abd Kadir who heads the Executive must direct the State Secretary to respect the separation of powers in our democratic system. He must accord respect and cooperation and allow elected representatives to attend the sessions fixed on 2/9/2009.

Dato’ Seri Zambry must make clear his stand otherwise the elected representatives of Perak will deem that any blockage to the State Assembly on 2/9/2009 will be deemed to be on his instructions.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, Perak DAP Chairman & Senior Exco Member Pakatan Rakyat Perak State Government



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