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Media Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Thursday, 20th August 2009:

Perak State is in a stand still mode and the people suffer as a result. Call on the people to boycott Zambry and his exco for refusing to bow to the wishes of the people that the Perak State Legislative Assembly be dissolved and a fresh election called to resolve the present predicament

More than 6 months have elapsed since the immoral and unprincipled grab of power in Perak by Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir and his Exco members. The people of Perak is suffering as no serious investor would want to have a look at Perak due to the uncertainties created by Dato’ Seri Zambry and his BN power grabbers. Recent announcements that some investors are interested to invest in Perak are only eyewash to mislead the people. None of the projects is moving and investors remain at the interested to invest stage.The position of the Menteri Besar is still in doubt waiting for the final arbiter, the Federal Court to make a decision. Entangled together with the question as to who the legitimate Menteri Besar is, is the uncertainty of the local councilors and the village heads appointed by BN to replace the councilors and village heads appointed or elected under the Pakatan Rakyat Government. We hardly see anything moves in Perak as a result. BN is solely responsible for this state of affairs.

During the 10 months’ reign of Perak by Pakatan Rakyat under the able leadership of Dato Seri Nizar Bin Jamaluddin, people see positive changes sweeping through Perak which benefited them. During the short 10 months, scores of positive changes were made which benefited the people.

The people must end this present predicament and the way forward is to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly and allow a fresh election to be held. 90% of those surveyed (which includes both BN and PR supporters) wanted the State Legislative Assembly dissolved. We cannot allow Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abd Kadir to go against the wishes of the people. I call on the people to boycott Zambry and his exco members. All organizations and associations must stop inviting them to their functions to send a clear and strong message that we will not accept Zambry’s refusal to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly. Zambry from UMNO with his racist’s mind has said that I have called on the Chinese Associations not to invite him to their functions which is a lie. He tries again to play the racial card which is in vogue with UMNO leaders. My call is to all organizations and associations and to people of all races and religions to boycott him and his Exco members. The desire to see the Perak State Legislative Assembly dissolved to pave the way for a fresh election comes from people of all races and religions as the people is demanding back their democratic rights to chose their leaders to lead the state of Perak.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, Perak DAP Chairman & MP for Beruas; Senior Exco Pakatan Rakyat Perak State Government



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