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Media Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Wednesday, 26th August 2009:

The Malaysian Bar Council Press Release confirms that Dato’ R. Ganesan was dishonest with regard to the time he ceased practice as a lawyer. Dato’ R. ganesan wrote to Bar Council only after V. Sivakumar’s lawyer notified him that even if he had been duly elected as Speaker (which he was not) he would also have been disqualified

The Malaysian Bar Council Press Release confirms that Dato’ R. Ganesan has been dishonest when he said he ceased legal practice on 6/8/2009. It was obvious that he had fraudulently back dated his letter to the Bar Council.

The Bar Council had issued a letter to V. Sivakumar’s lawyer, Mr Chan Kok Keong informing him that Dato’ R. Ganesan was still in active practice as on 11/8/2009.

On 12/8/2009, Mr Chan Kok Keong served an affidavit containing the said confirmation on Dato’ R. Ganesan’s solicitors.

The Bar Council confirm that it was only on 13/8/2009, that they received a fax from Dato’ R. Ganesan a letter dated 6/8/2009 informing them that he has ceased practice as from 6/8/2009. It was obvious that Dato’ R. Ganesan had back dated his letter.

Only on 17/8/2009 that the Bar Council acknowledged receipt of Dato’ Ganesan’s back dated letter dated 6/8/2009 and his Notice of Cessation and Statutory Declaration dated 17/8/2009.

The spirit of Article XXX VIA (5) of the Perak Constitution is that the Speaker must cease his existing business or profession immediately and in any case not more than 3 months after his appointment as Speaker failing which he shall be disqualified.

While we never at any time recognize Dato’ R. Ganesan as lawfully elected, even if going by BN’s contention that he was lawfully elected (which he was not) he was disqualified as from 7/8/2009. Dato’ R. Ganesan cannot revive his Speaker post after disqualification by back dating his letter.

What is most disappointing is that we see dishonesty everywhere in BN. From Permatang Pasir candidate, Rohaizat Othman to the court appointed Perak Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir and now to Dato’ R. Ganesan, they have been less than honest in their dealings and actions.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, Perak DAP Chairman & MP for Beruas; Senior Exco Member Pakatan Rakyat Perak State Government



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