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Media Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Wednesday, 4th August 2010:

Zambry and Abdul Rahman control Perak State Assembly

Perak Menteri Besar, Dato' Seri Zambry and the Perak State Secretary, Dato' Dr Abdul Rahman must explain who instructed the State Assembly doors be pad locked and who gave instructions to prohibit laptop computers from being brought into the Perak State Assembly when Dato' Ganesan a/l Retanam who chaired the State Assembly yesterday has stated his stand otherwise.

Dato' Ganesan a/l Retanam who chaired the Perak State Assembly yesterday upon my query ruled that laptop computers can be brought into the State Assembly and he also ordered that the doors on the opposition side that were pad locked be unlocked.

Prior to the sitting yesterday, the Perak State elected representatives had received a notice from Rumaizi Bin Baharin @ Md Daud, the secretary to the State Assembly that laptop computers and video cameras cannot be brought into the State Assembly. Rumaizi Bin Baharin @ Md Daud unfortunately is a civil servant employed by the state government seconded to the job.

I have queried Dato' Ganesan why when it has been the policy of the State Assembly to encourage elected representative to bring laptop computers to the State Assembly have now been prohibited from doing so. In fact the State Assembly has in 2004 and 2008 budgeted and gave each elected representative a new laptop computer to enable State Assemblyman/ women quick access to information. The State Assembly has wireless internet connection for easy access to internet information. Dato' Ganesan replied that laptop computers are allowed in the house.

I also queried why when the letter from Rumazi stated that video cameras are not allowed, BN has position people to openly video shoot the whole proceedings to which Dato' Ganesan has no answer. When I complained that the doors of the State Assembly on the opposition side are pad locked, Dato' Ganesan ordered the doors to be unlocked.

In the last sitting the doors on the opposition side were also pad locked and the opposition elected representatives have no choice but to walk across the Assembly hall to the other side to exit from the House. Some pro BN media have labeled us as rude and uncivilized for walking across the hall. I believe it is BN's strategy to use this method to produce materials to paint PR elected representatives in a bad light.

Media representatives (except those appointed by BN) have no access to the Stated Assembly. They were quarantined in an glass 'aquarium' where they can hear only what BN wants them to hear i.e the microphone is swith on or off at the dictate of BN employed technicians.

Unless Dato' Ganesan dare to cite Dato' Seri Zambry and the State Secretary, Dato' Dr Abdul Rahman for contempt of the august house, he should step down immediately rather be humiliated like a cow with its nose hooked and led by Zambry and Abdul Rahman.

Zambry and Abdul Rahman must answer to the public for the contempt they showed to the Perak State Assembly and putting it into disrepute.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Deputy Secretary General & MP for Beruas



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