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Media statement by the DAP Disciplinary Committee in DAP National HQ on Thursday, 12th August 2010:

DAP Disciplinary Committee's stand on the issue of support letters by Selangor Exco Ronnie Liu

The Disciplinary Committee is of the opinion the Sdr Ronnie Liu must exercise responsibility for the episode of his assistants issuing support letters as in the case of his ex-assistant, Tee Boon Hock.

Tee issued a support letter in favour of a company owned by his son, even though Sdr Ronnie Liu might not have had the knowledge that the company belonged to Tee's son.

This episode has damaged the Party's image.

The Disciplinary Committee therefore, issues a severe reprimand against Sdr Ronnie Liu for not managing his office in accordance with public expectations.

The Disciplinary Committee also requires a firm commitment from Sdr Ronnie Liu that henceforth he should focus on managing his office in a professional manner.

In discharging public duties, DAP leaders and members must realize the high expectation of the public. The public wants to see a move away from the culture of corruption and cronyism of BN.

For these reasons, integrity and principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) are the basic governance principles of the DAP.

The Disciplinary Committee reiterates the Party's position against the issuance of support letters for government projects and contracts.

* DAP Disciplinary Committee



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