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Speech by M.Kula Segaran at the Indian community meeting in Sitiawan to discuss the Federal Government's proposed acquisition of DIA land on 15th August 2010:

Local Indian community makes it clear that under no circumstances shall the 2 hectares of DIA land be acquired by the Federal Government

Yesterday, a meeting of local Indian community leaders was held in Sitiawan to discuss the impending proposed acquisition of the Dindings Indian Association (DIA) land by the Federal Government.

Among those who were present and spoke at the meeting were Pennag Deputy Chief Minister YB Professor Ramasamy, PKR MP YB Gobalakrishnan, DIA president, Dr.Jayabalan, Dr.Shanmugam and myself.

The 2 hectare land was purchased in the 1930's with the hard earned money contributed by the rubber tappers from over 35 estates in and around Sitiawan.

The acquisition of the whole piece of land is scheduled to be heard at 10 am on 25th August 2010 at the Manjung land office.

Participants at the meeting reflected the sentiment and stand of the local Indian community, that is, under no circumstances shall the land be acquired as:-

  1. this is the only land the Indian community can say it's theirs and it was bought with their sacrifice

  2. there are so much of lands around Sitiawan which can be acquired to build a school etc.

In fact, just about 1/2 kilometer from the proposed acquired land, there are 2500 acres of oil palm estate known as Sg. Wangi Estate which belongs to the Sime Darby group, a Government linked company (GLC). Some 15 years ago, about 150acreas of land were acquired from Sg. Wangi Estate by the Defence Ministry to build an airport.

Hence, the question that arises is that if acquisition of the estate land could be done 15 years ago to build an airport, why can't the land be acquired now to build a school? Why should the Federal government target the DIA land?The Federal government's move to acquire the DIA land is viewed as unfair, unnecessary, insensitive and unjustifiable.

The local community feels that whatever compensation, whether in terms of money or alternative land is unacceptable and will be repulsive to the community.

The community wants this land to be declared "Little India" to house Indian cultural and business activities.

The meeting suggested that people should be mobilized to attend the acquisition meeting scheduled on 25 th August, 2010 at Manjung land office. Pamphlets distribution will be done during house to house visit to call on the people to rise to the occasion and make their strong and clear stand that under no circumstances shall the land be acquired.

* M. Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Ipoh Barat



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