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Media statement by Karpal Singh in Petaling Jaya on Thursday, 26th August 2010:

DAP CEC resolution

The DAP CEC resolved at its meeting on 26.8.2010 as follows:

  1. Full endorsement of the Pakatan Rakyat Leadership Council meeting's decision on 26.8.2010 that UMNO and Utusan Malaysia are dangerously fanning racial sentiments to pit Muslims against non-Muslims to distract attention from the real issues of corruption and financial wrongdoings. UMNO and Utusan Malaysia has resorted to lies and falsehoods to threaten "a big war" bigger than May 13, 1969 racial riots as well as using race, religion and even the YDP Agong against PR. Urges BN to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the RM52 billion shares scandal where RM52 billion bumi shares were hijacked by BN leaders and cronies.

  2. Uphold the decision of the DAP Disciplinary Committee that Tee Boon Hock be expelled from the DAP for signing a business support letter in favour of his son's company to bid for a project with Majlis Perbandaran Klang.

  3. Condemn the uncivilized attacks on the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and called on the Indonesian Government to prevent its recurrence.

* Karpal Singh, DAP National Chairman & MP for Bukit Gelugor



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