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Media Statement by Lau Weng San in Petaling Jaya on Friday, 8th January 2010:

Strongly condemn church attacks in the wake of the “Allah” controversy

DAP Selangor strongly condemn church attacks in the wake of the “Allah” controversy

We regret that the Federal Government (Fed) is not doing enough, or is not doing anything at all to allow this tensed situation to prolong as the situation has been worsening since High Court’s judgement day on 30th December 2009.

Also, the Federal Government is practising double standards in remaining silence on several nationwide protests planned by several Muslim-based NGOs after Friday prayers.

By remaining silent, it means that the Federal Government is consenting such divisive demonstrations which has completely undermined the spirit of 1Malaysia propagated by the Federal Government since Najib took over the premiership.

When propagating the 1Malaysia agenda, the Federal Government should allow an avenue for frank exchanges between Muslim organizations and non-Muslim bodies to resolve the many long-standing racial and religious tensions in this country in order to bring a new chapter in fostering stronger nation unity in this country.

But unfortunately, the Federal Government’s 1Malaysia has only been a political gimmick to gain political mileage via extravaganza and fancy celebrations without real efforts to tackle the real issues on the ground.

Starting from today till Sunday, UMNO Federal Ministers under the pretext of “UMNO Jaguh Rakyat” (UMNO is the champion of the people) will gather at Hulu Selangor to propogate the 1Malaysia idea. Over the weekend, the Prime Minister will also launch several 1Malaysia clinics in Klang Valley. Their aim is none other but to re-capture Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat but organizing huge extravaganzas to make their presences felt on the ground.

But the “feel-good” factor they created is completely written-off first when the issue of National Civic Bureau broke and then followed by their deafening silence in tacitly consenting several nationwide protests planned by several Muslim-based NGOs after Friday prayers today.

Else, why does the police not making police reports against the protest organizers? Why does the police not applying court injunction to bar people from organizing protests in locations which are widely known, just like what the police did in the past?

* Lau Weng San, Selangor DAP Secretary & ADUN Kampung Tunku



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