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Media Statement by Loke Siew Fook in Petaling Jaya on Friday, 8th January 2010:

DAPSY strongly condemns the church attacks and calls for calm

DAPSY strongly condemns the spate of church attacks in the Klang Valley last night and shares our solidarity with our Christianís brothers and sisters in this very challenging period. The attacks on the churches are acts of the extremists and must be condemned by all peace-loving Malaysians.

DAPSY calls on the police to take swift and stern actions against the perpetrators of these attacks. The police should immediately deploy their resources to ensure law and order and heightened security level in all churches throughout the country. All Malaysian Christians must be ensured of their safety and freedom to practice their religion and carry out their religious obligations especially during the Sunday prayers.

DAPSY calls on all Malaysians especially Pakatan Rakyat supporters to remain calm and not to retaliate in any manner that will escalate the situation. Any retaliation will only fall into their traps and serve the narrow interest of the extremist elements in the country.

* Loke Siew Fook, DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Chief & MP for Rasah



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