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Speech by Ngeh Koo Ham at the DAP Taman Kanthan Jaya dinner at Kwan Ti Meow hall (Temple hall), Perak on Sunday, 3rd October 2010:

DAP Perak calls on the public to allow it to resolve its problems internally and continue to support the DAP for what it stands for and for its proven track record

Today almost all the newpapers give headline coverage with regard to the intended resignation of Sdr M. Kulasegaran from DAP Perak.

Thank you to the many who have expressed their concern for the unity and the solidarity of DAP Perak. As Chairman I will be the first to be concerned that they are maintained.

After M. Kula informed the media concerning his intended resignation, many unfair articles have been written and hurtful comments made against me and my cousin, Nga Kor Ming. We became the target of hate and are exposed to the attacks of our enemies. For the above reasons, I have earlier expressed my regret that M. Kula should expose internal matters to the media.

I would like to have may side of the story told but I would be committing the same error. I will be exposing my comrades and the party to the attacks of the enemy. A soldier will keep a secret to safeguard a nation and risked being shot. I will willingly suffer the injustice of being denied the right to reply and be subjected to hurtful attacks that have been assailed against me than to put my party in jeopardy and cause the mission of the people to be derailed.

The people's mission is to have a change of government in the coming 13th General Election to save the nation from bankruptcy and destruction.

Just like any organisation be it a School Board, Parents Teachers Association, a church committee, a temple committee or a Non Government Organisation, there are bound to be differences because they are made up of individuals. Whatever differences, they must be resolved internally lest it brings negative impact and image to the organization. I believe whatever differences, M. Kula has with me or with others, they can be resolved internally. I asked that you do not hate M. Kula for what he has transpired. I asked that you do not hate me or my cousin, Nga Kor Ming after hearing one side of the story. You may have judged us wrongly and unfairly. Please support each and every leader of the DAP. Allow us to settle our differences internally just like you would with other organizations.

You must continue to support the DAP for what it stands for and for its proven track record. Each and every support is needed to accomplish our coming mission. I hope this episode will not in any way erode your confidence in the DAP and PR. Forgive us if we have acted less that perfect in the abovesaid episode.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Deputy Secretary General & MP for Beruas



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