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Media Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham in Ipoh on Wednesday, 6th October 2010:

Demonstration in front of DAP Perak Headquarters PR members and the public must be wary of dirty tactics employed by BN

At around 11.00am this morning a group of about 20 mainly Indian youths demonstrated in front of the DAP Perak headquarters. They claimed to be DAP members from the Buntong branches and members of the PR Youths in Perak.

I have now verified from Buntong DAP branches and our national membership record that those who participated in the demonstration are not DAP members.

We suspect BN is behind the demonstration as the former Ipoh Barat PKR division chief, Fauzi Muda was seen among the group. Can BN owns up?

A police report will be lodge by a representative from the Buntong DAP branches against this group for impersonating as DAP members tomorrow.

We urge DAP members and the public to stay calm and be wary of the dirty tactics employed by UMNO/BN which we have witnessed repeatedly in Penang.

I call on the people to stay on course with PR in our mission to save the nation from bankruptcy and destruction by changing the BN government in the coming 13th General Election.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Deputy Secretary General & MP for Beruas



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