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Speech by Ngeh Koo Ham at DAP Bidor branch dinner on Sunday, 10th October 2010:

Agreement has been reached with M Kulasegaran to settle all differences through internal discussion. Our differences not because to seek position, glory or benefit but differences in opinion which occur in any organisation

I am happy to note that this afternoon I have reached an agreement with Sdr M Kulasegaran to settle all differences through internal discussion.

I would like to emphasise that our differences was not because we were seeking personal position, glory or benefit as some have tried to imply when our differences were exposed in the media.

Sdr M Kulasegaran and I have joined the DAP for more than 20 years ago at a time when joining the DAP means only sacrifice and risked being arrested (just after the 1987 Operation Lallang). We joined out of a duty to our nation and a call to contribute to our society.

I would like the public to realise that in any organisation be it in a Parents Teachers Association, a School Board, Chamber of Commerce, a committee of a religious organisation or a non-governmental organisation, there will be differences in opinion as they are made up of individuals. All the more, in a political party where more contentious matters will have to be dealt with.

Very often a decision made will inevitably make some unhappy. For example, when there are three qualified potential candidates for a constituency, only one candidate can be selected to contest on behalf of the political party. When a candidate is selected the other two will probably be unhappy. The public must realise that some unhappiness will be unavoidable in certain political decisions.

Similarly in the democratic system which we all subscribed to, there will be a winner and a loser in a contest.

What is important is that the party chose a candidate base on his merits and suitability. Similarly, leaders in a democratic process is elected to carry out the work that he has been elected to perform. Those who lost are also to help those elected to ensure the tasks ahead are successfully carried out.

Politicians very often have to make a decision in a non-ideal circumstances but the people will judge us with an ideal mind.

I hope the public will not see any differences in opinion as a split, a fractional or factional politicking.

* Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Deputy Secretary General & MP for Beruas



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