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Media statement by Nga Kor Ming in Ipoh on Wednesday, 12th January 2011:

Perak DAP urge Najib to accept open debate with Anwar

Perak DAP today urges the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak to accept the challenge by the Opposition Leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim for an open debate over Pakatan Rakyat's 100 days new policy in order to let all fellow Malaysian to judge both the coalition's performance.

As Najib had accused the Pakatan Rakyat policy been "too good to be true" and will cause the country become insolvent, it is timely that both the Top leadership from BN and PR sit at the same platform and justify their own stand.

This is crucial and important as such open debate will give people a golden opportunity to assess for themselves before they decide who should lead the nation.

It is timely that the leader of the nation shall advocate their views and policy in an open and neutral platform before they seek mandate from the people. Malaysians deserve better and there is no reason the candidate aspired to be Prime Minister hide himself behind the media but refuse to meet face to face.

Pakatan Rakyat in its 2nd convention held in Kepala Batas on 19th of December last year resolve to a 147 new policy to govern the nation including the 100 days programme which among others promised to offer free PLUS highway, paying RM1,000 to all senior citizens and RM500 increment of salary for all school teachers. The reform policy had drew critism from the BN and Najib had even accused the Pakatan will cause the country bankrupt should they implement the populist policies.

Malaysia will never go bankrupt if there is no corruption. Under the BN, the country now suffered a huge debt of RM408.2 billion national debt, which is about 52% of the GDP. The National Debt had grown 453% since 1997 when the debt duringt that time was RM90 billion. Such deteriorating trend at the rate of 34% annually had brought fear to certain quarter that the country may be insolvent when reaching 2019.

If we eradicate corruption, the country will safe RM28 billion annually, it is sufficient to implement all the pakatan rakyat's policy which will benefit the people and the nation.

* Nga Kor Ming, DAP Perak Secretary & MP for Taiping



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