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Media statement by Dr. Boo Cheng Hau at DAP Operation Center for Tenang By Election, Labis, Johor on Friday, 28th January 2011:

Urging Tenang voters to fulfill their obligation as citizens and support Pakatan Rakyat candidate Normala Sudirman for a progressive Johor

I urge all Tenang voters to turn out en masse on Sunday polls to show their brave support for a political change in Johor.

Johor needs a new outlook in its political and economic scenarios especially prior to Chinese New Year of which there has always been a tradition to spring clean one's house and get new clothes. It should be in the Chinese New Year spirit that Tenang voters should have a new State Assemblyperson from Pakatan Rakyat for a change.

We are one nation but that can only be realised with tolerance for diversity including a bipartisan democracy. Electing a new Assemblywoman from Pakatan Rakyat would not only bring about a new mood to Johor future political landscape but also cast new hope for a new progressive nation.

Pakatan is truly a Rainbow Coalition that is inclusive to all Malaysians of various ethnic backgrounds. Unlike Barisan Nasional which has not only failed to do so but plagued th nation with fear and racial politics, Pakatan Rakyat provides hopes and light for the country's future.

Unfortunately, Ministry of Education still insists on Interlok as Form Five Malay literature text book despite overwhelming protest over its racial stereotyping of minorities int he country.

Furthermore Siti Aishah Mansor, the former Kulai headmistress who uttered racial insults towards Indian and Chinese ethnic minorities was transfered to head SMK Skudai, Taman Sri Skudai which is an elite school in Skudai regardless of ethnic minorities adamant protest over the episode.

There are four reasons Tenang voterts should say NO to Barisan Nasional:

  1. Say NO to racial politics and hatred propagated by BN;

  2. Say NO to both debt ridden Federal and State Governments that are near bankruptcy under BN hegemony;

  3. Say NO to corruption, nepotism and cronyism in economic policies that have been implemented by BN all along;

  4. Say NO to increased daily necessities prices and excessive taxes imposed by BN;

There are 4 main pillars that Tenang voters should support Pakatan Rakyat:

  1. Say YES to acceptance of diverse cultures and religions under a rainbow coalition like Pakatan Rakyat;

  2. Say YES to Pakatan Rakyat's people friendly measures to reduce Federal and State Governments debts;

  3. Say YES to clean, effective and transparent economic governance by Pakatan Rakyat;

  4. Say YES to thrifty and effective usage of government taxes to better people's daily life by Pakatan Rakyat;

I strongly recommend Pakatan Rakyat candidate Cikgu Normala Sudirman. Being a former teacher for special children, Cikgu Normala is extremely caring and patient; she is elegant in appearance but eloquent in speaking out her ideas of which all the best best qualities ad integrity in her would make her an effective and conscience Wakil Rakyat.

I am really excited to await her presence in Dewan Negeri Johor which will definitely help noost Pakatan Rakyat's line up in the State Assembly as we need a woman representative in the State Assembly.

* Dr. Boo Cheng Hau, DAP Johor State Chairman & SA for Skudai



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