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2011 Thaipusam Message by Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 20th January 2011: 

Malaysians can make our common aspirations of freedom, justice, democracy and truth come true if we remember that it is not who we are but what we are that is important 

DAP wishes the Hindus and Tamil community a Happy Thaipusam that marks the victory of the God Murugan over evil.

The message of victory of good over evil is universal. Even in this modern world, good values and principles still matter. Despite our differences and diversity, we can seek common ground and unity in freedom, justice, democracy and truth.

Malaysians can make our common aspirations of freedom, justice, democracy and truth come true if we remember that is not who we are that is important, but what we are; not the colour of our skin that is important but the content of our character; and not our past ancestry that is important but how we connect with the present and with each other to face the future.

All Malaysians must reject the negative campaign that foments violence and breeds hate amongst us. If we want to move forward in our global competitive world that allows us to realize our human potential, there is no place for those who perpetuate the ideology of racial supremacy. If we want to benefit from equal opportunities we must stop extremists from continually degrading others as inferiors so as to uplift ourselves.

We can only be better together. We can never be better by making others worse than us. Never forget when we oppress others down, we also go down to the same level as those being pushed down. We can never be superior by labeling others as an inferior race or worse.

The time has come for Malaysians to choose carefully. Do we want to be inclusive or exclusive, diversity to be our source of strength or for us to split, divided and discriminated? The race debate has been heated over the last three years dominated by the racists and extremists and overshadowing the needs for prosperity and excellence.

I believe that the silent majority amongst Malaysians will make a choice for a shared society that celebrates peace, inclusiveness, diversity, excellence and is non-discriminatory. Let us grow together with love, let us learn together with reason and let us work together with compassion.

*Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary General & MP for Bagan



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