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Media statement by Edward Ewol Mujie in Kota Kinabalu on Tuesday, 7th February 2012:

DAP are always with the BUMIPUTRAS

I fully agree with Lim Kit Siang's statement that DAP had fought for the rights of all Malaysian regardless of race or religion, and no matter it is in Semananjong or East Malaysia.

Sabah DAP also has taken special care and importance of the right and well-being of Sabah Bumiputras - Natives of Sabah. MP Hiew King Cheu, other Sabah DAP leaders and I had constantly travelled and visited many districts and even to the remote villages in Sabah for the past years to understand and to highlight the various problems faced by the local bumiputras, especially the poor. Lim Kit Siang has spent the last few years visiting various districts and villages in Sabah to find out and to learn more about their problems, grievances and hardships, especially the bumiputras. In fact, MP Hiew King Cheu and MP Lim Kit Siang had on many occasions raised problems faced by the Bumiputras in Parliament.

Since 2008, the DAP bumiputra branches in Sabah has grown and led by capable bumiputras leaders. With the formation of these branches in the various districts in Sabah, we have helped to voice and to solve problems faced the bumiputras in the rural districts.

How can the BN always said that DAP does not help or look after the well-being of the Bumiputras? May be the BN is worried on the fast formation of DAP branches and receiving good support from the rural districts in Sabah. To date, Sabah DAP has many bumiputra branches covering many rural and sub-urban districts in Sabah.

Some of the capable bumiputra leaders in Sabah DAP are people with high qualification and vast experiences, and just to mention a few like Stephen Jimbangan (engineer), Alex Wong (retired senior civil servant), Dr. Benjamin Yapp (education), Orong Sahap (Petroluem), Dr. Edwin Bosi (VET doctor), Jeffrey Kumin (Pastor), Jamil Zakaria (Agriculture), Bondly Yakim (Ex-welfare Director), Robert Penggil (agriculture), Tajuddin (agriculture), Henry Mogindol (accountant).

The Sabah DAP has grown and became a party welcomed by all sectors especially in the rural area. We ask to be given a chance to serve and we will serve the people in a "clean and straight" way. We do not tolerate abuse of power and corruption because that is the root of all evil. MP Hiew always says that to achieve a good, efficient, clean and uncorrupt government in Sabah, we should not allow those people with bad records, wrong doing, proven corrupt, and greedy. They badly want to come back into power and to control the government, so that they can start again to rob and cheat the people, so beware of them and think carefully.

* Edward Ewol Mujie, DAP Sabah State Vice Chairman & Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief



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