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Media statement by Gobind Singh Deo in Puchong on Tuesday, 7th February 2012:

Education Ministrys rejection of applications to build Schools and Autism Training Centre in Puchong unacceptable

The decision of the Education Ministry to reject the application of SMJK Katholik and SJKC Yak Chee branch schools and an Autism training centre in Puchong is unacceptable and yet another example of the failure of Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak's 1 Malaysia agenda.

It also shows that whilst the PM has embarked upon measures which are highly populist in nature, he himself has no idea of what the real issues are on the ground.

It is a well known fact that there is a severe shortage of space for students in Chinese schools in Puchong. In fact, every year, many students who are from Puchong are sent to schools outside Puchong owing to a shortage of space. This problem will become worse in the years to come. Likewise, an Autism training centre would be very beneficial to residents of Puchong and its surrounding areas.

It is therefore somewhat stunning to hear that whilst the Selangor State Government has readily offered land in Tasik Prima Puchong to these schools to build branch schools, which would immensely help reduce the problem and help ease the problems of many residents in Puchong, the Education Ministry, of which ironically its Deputy Minister hails from MCA, chooses to reject it outright.

From complaints that I have received, it appears that the Ministry did not even contact the applicants for their views before hastily rejecting their applications. This is clearly wrong. At the very least, the Ministry ought to have sought views over the matter before rejecting it.

As MP of Puchong, I demand that the Education Minister reconsider this decision. This is a matter which cannot be treated lightly. The people of Puchong are entitled to have this application approved. This decision has also reflected very poorly on the MCA. I have seen the comments by The Deputy Education Minister on the matter. I call upon Dato Wee Ka Siong to wake up and come out of the woods and see the issue for what it really is. What is now needed is a solution to the problem.

I call upon the Education Minister to revoke this decision and approve the applications by SMJK Katholik and SJKC Yak Chee to build branch schools and the application to build an Autism training centre in Tasik Prima Puchong forthwith. If this matter is not resolved in the near future, campaigns will be launched in Puchong to bring this matter to the forefront, in particular to show that the reforms promised by the Prime Minister are merely but slogans and lip service which translate to nothing in respect of problems most material to the public at large.

* Gobind Singh Deo, MP for Puchong



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