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Media statement by Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 28th February 2012: 

The Prime Minister should stop playing general election games 

Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak has revealed that the BN Government is playing games with the people and is clearly not sincere about reforms by saying that he will grant more power to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) if BN wins a two-thirds majority in the coming General Election. The Prime Minister should stop playing general election games but prove his sincerity about fighting corruption by publicly declaring the assets of cabinet members and amend the Federal Consitution now to reform the MACC as PR would support BN to secure the necessary 2/3 majority.

According to news reports yesterday, Najib said that constitutional amendments are required to form an anti-corruption Service Commission with the power to appoint and sack members of the MACC. Currently, MACC officers are appointed via the public services commission. He then added that BN will only carry out the necessary amendments if they win two-thirds in the next GE.

This statement reveals the Prime Minister's insincerity. If he were truly serious, he could easily have consulted PR on this matter. PR have no hesitation in giving support. There have been many occassions where PR has cast aside political partisanship for the public interest.

Clearly there is no need for BN to worry itself about not having a two-thirds majority when PR is willing to engage the BN on this matter and will generally support any effort to strengthen our institutions in the fight against corruption. Malaysians deserve an independent MACC that reports to Parliament and not the Prime Minister.

Clearly MCAA is not independent and this has affected its performance badly until Malaysia's ranking under the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index has dropped from 56 in 2010 to 60 last year year. The need to amend the Federal Constitution only highlights that MACC in its present form is neither independent nor effectively performing its duty to fight corruption.

At the moment, there is nothing to convince Malaysians that the MACC is able to do that. For example, no action is forthcoming on the RM250 million cows for condos scandal involving the family of a Cabinet Minister? How are Malaysians supposed to take the MACC seriously when no action is taken against BN leaders with extraordinary wealth?

Lastly, if Najib is truly sincere about reforms and transparency, he must follow in the footsteps of the Penang State Government by commanding all his Ministers and Deputy Ministers to make a public declaration of their assets, just as how the Chief Minister and every EXCO member in Penang has done.

Malaysians are not impressed by BN's election games as the PM has revealed his insincerity about reforms by promising to amend the constitution only if BN wins two-thirds when he can easily do it now by consulting with PR.

*Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary General & MP for Bagan



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