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Speech by M.Kula Segaran at Sg. Siput Chinese New Year function on Wednesday, 18th January 2012:

What BN needs is a bigger lesson and hence a bigger political tsunami

Until January 9, it was widely believed that the Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib would dissolve the Parliament to pave way for the nation's 13th general election in March.

However, with the surprise acquittal of the Opposition Leader Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim of his sodomy 2 charge that has lifted the spirit of the opposition supporters, and the RM 250 million National Feedlot Centre scandal which is causing BN to lose support, Najib obviously has to rethink his choice of date or risk losing big in the next general election.

So it did not come as a surprise when Najib recently indicated to the Wall Street Journal that the general election will not be held soon.

He said that the 13th general election will not be held so soon as the Government's reform initiatives are not in full swing yet.

But what was surprising was what he said --"I hope it will be the right time soon enough, but we still have not delivered on our promises and it's important for people to have the feeling that the reforms we have promised will actually benefit them".

Was not he admitting that the BN government has still not delivered on its promises?!

Najib assumed the post of Prime Minister almost 3 years ago and yet he has not delivered his promises to the people!

3 years is not a short period of time.

Should Malaysians give him more time and chance?

Does he deserve the people's support?

What BN and the Prime Minister lack is not time.

What Najib lacks is the political will and commitment to make meaningful and significant changes that Malaysians yearn for.

In fact, time has proven that in the 54 years that BN has ruled this nation, it has not been committed to bring about the necessary changes Malaysia needs.

It is obvious that the electoral debacle that BN suffered in the 2008 general election is not enough lesson for BN government.

What BN needs is a bigger lesson and hence a bigger political tsunami.

So in the coming general election, Malaysians should rise to the occasion and vote for new federal government helmed by Pakatan Rakyat and with Anwar Ibrahim as the new Prime Minister.

For Perakians, we must never forget how the mandate given by the people to the PR at the last general election was robbed by the BN government.

So the next general election must be a "pay back" time - voters must vote to punish BN severely and reinstall the Pakatan Rakyat government.

However, the next general election is likely to be the dirtiest in the nation's electoral history.

PR and the opposition supporters must therefore be ready to fight what is going to be the dirtiest but most important election ever.

I am optimistic that the Year of the Dragon 2012 will be good year for PR and Malaysians, and will bring about a new political scenario that will ensure a Better Malaysia for All.

* M. Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Ipoh Barat



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