Government's decision to appeal against Kugan verdict reflects its failure to understand the public sentiment

Last week, Health Minister Datuk Seri S.Subramaniam revealed that the dengue situation had reached a critical level with 658 cases reported nationwide on a weekly basis.

The number of cases for this year had also increased.

"Since the beginning of the year until June 22, a total of 12,143 cases nationwide have been reported, compared to 11,430 cases in the same period last year, recording an increase of 713 cases or 6.2 per cent," he said.

"Eight states showed an increase of cases, with Johor recording the highest increase at 88 per cent. Sarawak has 58 per cent, Sabah 41 per cent, Negri Sembilan 33 per cent, Perak 15 per cent, Kelantan 7 per cent, Perlis 2 per cent and Selangor 1 per cent," Dr Subramaniam said.

According to statistics released by the Health Ministry last month, 22 people had died as of June 10, an increase of one over the same six-month period a year earlier.

As July to September is the dengue season, DAP Ipoh Barat has decided to organize this gotong royong activity to make the help clean up their homes and surrounding neighborhood as well as to help increase public awareness about dengue.

The State Government and local councils must be deeply committed to eradicate dengue.

I wish to remind the public that prevention is always better than cure.

Government should not have appealed against Kugan verdict.

I must express my total disappointment as well as public anger at the government’s decision to file an appeal against last month’s High Court’s verdict on A Kugan.

Unacceptable high number of custodial deaths in police lock ups had happened before and after the IPCMC proposal was mooted.

From January 2000 to December 2004, 80 cases or an annual average of 16 deaths in police custody had happened in those five years.

From January 2005 to May 2013, there were 141 deaths in police custody.

In A Kugan’s case, there was very clear evidence of torture and murder.

Following last month’s High Court’s verdict, public has hoped that the government will accept the verdict, move on and implement the IPCMC recommended by Justice Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin led RCI a few years ago.

Instead, the government has done the opposite.

By filing an appeal, government will not only cause further suffering to the Kugan’s family, it has also failed to seize the opportunity to send a public message that it truly recognises the seriousness of the spate of custodial death issue.

Government’s decision to appeal against Kugan verdict also reflects its failure to understand the public, especially the Indian community’s sentiment.

The Prime Minister’s call of Nambike (trust in me) from the Indian community at an event last year really rings hollow.

When will the BN government do what is necessary and right?

M Kula Segaran DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Ipoh Barat