Mahathir is the main person who could help create the Malay tsunami that is required for a political change

According to media report, the NBC/WSJ poll took place from May 11-13 showed that American President Donald Trump scored an approval rating of 39%. At this point in President Barack Obama’s first term, his approval numbers were in the mid 60s. The last Republican president before Trump, George W. Bush, sat with a 56 percent approval rating in May of his first term, and President Ronald Reagan was in the high 60s.

So Donald Trump is an unpopular American president. However, TIME magazine has included Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in its list of five world leaders who the publication claims are less popular than President Donald Trump.

This is certainly a big embarrassment to Najib, the BN government and Malaysia. But Najib does not worry about having to relinquish his Prime Minister’s post. MIC president Dato Subramanaiam will continue to sing praises of him. MCA and Gerakan presidents Dato Liow Tiong Lai and Datuk Ma Siew Kiong will still think Najib is the best BN prime minsiter. Umno divisional leaders who have been recipients of Najib’s controversial RM 2.6 billion fund will continue to be grateful to Najib.

Does Najib have personal pride? He has certainly mastered well the art of behaving like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand. He won’t care about all the negative talk and adverse criticisms about him. Being in power has become the most important goal in his life now.

If a similar mega scandal like 1 MDB where the prime minister is implicated has happened in UK, Germany, Japan or America, the prime minister will either resign in disgrace or forced to resign. In Japan, may be the prime minister will have to commit hara-kiri even. Of course, we are not asking Najib to commit hara kiri.

Malaysia cannot have a good future under such a Prime Minister and government. Malaysians cannot hold their heads high when going overseas and when 1 MDB becomes a topic of conversation.

That is why former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir at age 92 has burnt his bridges with Umno and has decided to join forces with the opposition to save Malaysia by toppling Najib and the BN government. Mahathir knows very well that the only way to save Malaysia is via people power in the coming general elections.

There are people who say they can’t forgive Mahathir for the wrongs he did when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia. There are those who also think that it is unacceptable to work with Mahathir.

We can find many reasons to justify not working with Mahathir if we want to. Just like we could find many reasons in 1998 if we did not want to accept working with Anwar Ibrahim.

But time has proven that working with Anwar brought about significant political changes and provided hope for a better Malaysia.

So if our political agenda today is to save Malaysia, we need to win support of the Malay masses who have been traditional supporters of UMNO and BN. And Mahathir is the main person who could help create the Malay tsunami that is required for a political change.

Opposition supporters must therefore help spread the right message and ensure that all races including the peoples of Sabah and Sarawak will come together in the next general election and save Malaysia.

Recently Umno Minister Datuk Nazri Aziz admitted that he had received RM 1 million from Najib Razak’s controversial RM 2.6 billion donation.

He made the admission during a tell-all session with Umno Overseas Alumni Club members in Kuala Lumpur.

By his admission, Nazri has confirmed the existence of the money.

I challenge Najib to publish a full list of the recipients of his controversial RM 2.6 billion donation that was credited into his personal account. Let’s see how much MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other BN component parties had received.

DAP National Vice Chairman & MP for Ipoh Barat
Speech by M Kula Segaran in Ipoh on Saturday, 27th May 2017