MCA’s blame game: First DAP, then ‘imaginary’ Terrorist, but NEVER their own impotence

The UMNO Federal territories Minister and the police has openly contradicted the MCA head for Religious Harmony Ti Lian Ker on the controversial ‘Better Beer Ban’. Was it a security issue or a political issue? Either one or the other has provided false information to the public, yet all are within the government.

Ti Lian Ker reportedly said that “there are real security issues and there are clear and present dangers indicating that the event will be targeted by IS (Islamic State) militants. “[1]

Conversely, Bukit Aman counter terrorism division senior principal assistant director Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchay was reported saying that the police ‘had no idea’ there were security threats as alleged by MCA.[2] The Federal Territory Minister, Tengku Adnan dismissed allegations that ‘Better Beer Fest’ was cancelled for Religious and political reasons, and added that its ok to hold it indoors. [3]

There’s UMNO trying to back pedal on a move to preserve their Islamic credentials, or simply to appease their new Islamistic bedfellow PAS. There’s MCA peddling fabrications of an impending terroristic attack, which even the police had no idea about. This is for no other reason than to deflect brickbats from those in support of the fest, and to assist in Najib’s politics of fear and threats. I’d also like to echo my colleague Rajiv Risyakaran’s condemnation of MCA’s SOP of pinning blame of their own impotence, first on DAP and now on imaginary IS militants. [4]

Could it be that MCA is getting security and terror intelligence even before the police and the minister for Federal Territories? This is highly unlikely as even the top-dog of MCA had to do a U-turn to get in line with the boss UMNO’s wishes. It is unlikely that a mere bureau chief of MCA would have such high intelligence clearance.

Either UMNO and the police are covering up an impending terror attack, or MCA is making things up to scare non-muslims into submission. The most concerning problem afore us, is that senior officials from the same ruling coalition are telling two conflicting stories to justify a policy decision that run against the grain of the Malaysian social fabric, and is severely dividing our society. It is no wonder that there is a deficit of trust and confidence in government institutions.

UMNO’s blatant put-down of MCA is nothing but misdirection for the media, to take the focus away from real, hard hitting bread and butter issues such as rising cost of living, GST, scarcity of decent work for decent pay. We, the people, must not be led down the garden path by BN’s comedy of errors.

Howard Lee Chuan How
DAPSY International Secretary & SA for Pasir Pinji
Media statement by Howard Lee Chuan How in Ipoh on Friday, 22nd September 2017