I am heartbroken by Amran Ahmad’s betrayal and deny in full the preposterous allegations he made against the Party

Amran Ahmad, whose father was one of DAP’s former eminent Member of Parliament, Ahmad Nor. Amran first worked with the DAP Headquarters as a writer with our Malay newsletter, Roketkini in 2008 and subsequent moved to Penang to work as the Chief Minister’s special officer. However he left his position several months later under a cloud.

In 2016, Amran reached out to me several times, often asking if he could be considered for a position within the party, or even the position of a local councillor. At that point of time, he was working with Malaysiakini.

It was in April 2017 when we finally had coffee. I was firstly, suitably impressed with some of the columns and articles he has written for Malaysiakini. It moved me when he also said that his wife, who was also present, will make sure that he takes the straight and narrow path.

In his conversation with me on Whatsapp and in person, he said that “I reached 40 years old sir and money is not my aim anymore…tumbangkan BN and continue my dad struggle is my priority now… And i cant do that in mkini…” (See attached Whatsapp Chat 01)

I made the decision to give him the second chance with DAP and to hire him as an Assistant UbahTV Producer to help the Publicity Department with more video content. This was despite reservations expressed by certain party colleagues who have previously worked with him. I had believed that he was a reformed man and that he was serious about honouring his father’s legacy. He joined the DAP Publicity Department officially in August 2017.

Amran’s treacherous betrayal with unbelievable lies about the Party and me, left me both shocked and heartbroken.

He has to date, produced zero evidence of alleged existence of a “DAP Red Bean Army” – simply because it doesn’t exist. The publicity materials which he produced were leaflets the Party has published officially to inform Malaysians of Barisan Nasional’s corrupt practices, particularly over the 1MDB scandal. There is nothing malicious in these publicly available materials which the party printed and published. There is nothing in these materials which were racist or religiously inflammatory in nature as he has alleged.

In fact, Amran himself produced a series of well-received “Ubahkini” videos touching on Malaysian current affairs, which he himself ‘starred’. The most popular edition received more than 970,000 views on Facebook where he criticized Najib’s promised “investments” to President Donald Trump. (See: https://www.facebook.com/DAPMalaysia/videos/vl.1389399847831593/10155649820599192/)

I am heartbroken not only because the Party and I have been betrayed. I’m also heartbroken because Amran could have had a great career in politics like his father did.

Prior to joining the DAP as an employee again, when he expressed the interest to be “active in politics”, I had stated in no uncertain terms that “active in politics, yes, tapi no seat guarantee”. His response was collected and matured, “If not GE14..maybe got chance GE15….its a marathon.” (See attached Whatsapp Chat 01)

I had told him that if he performed well, then certainly he could be considered a possible candidate for future elections.

Unfortunately, it appears that greed and impatience have once again gripped him. Unknown to me, he had lobbied other party leaders – including Lim Guan Eng and Teresa Kok to be considered a candidate for the current general election. (See attached Whatsapp Chat 03).

It could not now be clearer that his failure to secure candidature in the current general election and whatsoever enticement he might have received from our political enemies have led him astray and to stab the Party and myself in the back. I feel terribly sorry for both his wife and the widow of the late Ahmad Nor.

Amran is not a man without talent, and he had a second chance. He has thrown it away for good, and I hope for his family’s sake, the returns are worth the while.

Media statement by Tony Pua Kiam Wee in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 7th May 2018