MCA Manifesto revealed its failure as a government to provide decent public university education and healthcare

MCA launched its first ever general election manifesto touting its success in setting up UTAR as a world class university. It also aims to set up a new UTAR Hospital in Kampar as a world class specialist medical centre.

Unfortunately MCA had again stick its foot in its mouth with these grandiose claims, maybe even delusional. There was never ever a political party in the world that offered a private university and hospital as a government to obtain votes.

The success of UTAR only reflected poorly on MCA as a government that failed to provide enough public university places, especially for the Chinese students. MCA advertised that UTAR had nurtured 50,000 students in the period of 15 years. That means 50,000 capable students should have gone to public universities like UM, UKM,USM and so on.

In fact, the failure of the Malaysian government to provide enough decent education had seen the mushrooming of private universities like Sunway, Taylor’s, Monash, IMU, Lim Kok Wing’s , HELP to the extent that these can also claim to be even more successful in certain areas. These universities are privately funded but some are also run as a non-profit entity like Sunway. UTAR was built with funds from public donation and Sunway was also built with generous contribution from its founder. Many also give scholarships to good students from poorer families. As seen in Jeffrey Cheah Foundation website. Presumably the fund come from the operating profits generated. In fact, Tan Sri Lim Kok Win was honoured with two awards – the Global Icon for Innovation and Global Leadership for Peace and Equality – for his contribution to education!

In fact, if MCA had been successful in making sure there is enough decent university places for our hard working and ambitious students, there was going to be no need for a private UTAR, but a public UTAR instead. And now they are boasting about it

Similarly, if we have good public healthcare and government hospitals, we wouldn’t have so many private hospitals packed to the brims. If there is a good government hospital in Kampar, we would not need a private hospital by UTAR, which, ironically, will be funded by public donations and government funding again.

In summary, MCA is so desperate short of ideas to govern. The failure to provide enough decent education and healthcare is now advertised openly as their achievement. I urge the rakyat to see through all these lies and vote for proper government universities and hospitals, especially the poorer students and patients.

Dr Ko Chung Sen
Media statement by Dr. Ko Chung Sen in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 7th May 2018