Truly a great victory!

The victory of the PH in the 14th general election was something like a dream coming true. No one really expected PH to clinch the much needed victory given the odds against.

No statistics nor polls could have really captured the extent of the people’s revolt against the BN government.

The silent majority did not speak up, but they cast their decisive votes to topple a regime that had become most undemocratic and most uncaring towards ordinary Malaysians.

It was not simple matter going against well entrenched BN government with all its power, machinery and manipulation.

However despite the extreme odds, PH pulled through with majority of votes to form the new government under the leadership of Mahathir Mohammed. He was declared by the King of the country as the 7th prime minister of Malaysia.

PH not only clinched the victory at the federal level, it won most of the eleven states in the peninsula or West Malaysia. However, the fate of Perak is still undecided. Chances are that with the crossover of BN affiliated candidates in in Sarawak and Sabah, PH might even win power in these two states.

The unexpected victory was clinched with the tsunami of all Malaysians. It was more than a Malay tsunami. Malaysians for the first time since independence forgot about their primordial roots to vote a coalition with one emblem across ethnic and class lines.

The voting across ethnic and religious lines indicated that Malaysians were not really entrapped by these primordial concerns, but had the ability to rise up to the calls for the restoration of democracy, justice and freedom.

More than 60 years of corruption, abuse of power, rising cost of living and other unpopular policies drove Malaysians to vote out the unpopular BN government from office.

BN was too entrenched in power for more than 60 years to realise that something was really amiss in the country. It could not just repent or correct the injustice, it had to be removed through the electoral process.

It was as though Malaysia achieved its second independence! This time not from the colonialists but from those elites in BN who perpetuated “internal colonialism” at the expense of the Rakyat.

While the prime minister has been named, it was just a matter of two or three days before other ministerial posts are decided. It has been decided that the prime minister would decide the names in consultation with the principal partners of PH, namely PPBM, Amanah, DAP and PKR.

With the new government in power, it is hope that it will do the right thing to inspire confidence and trust amongst Malaysians of all walks of life. Traits that have long eluded Malaysias for more than six decades.

Prof P Ramasamy
DAP Central Executive Committee Member
Media statement by Prof P Ramasamy in Penang on Saturday, 12th May 2018