An Audit Commission to be set up on state’s level to avoid White elephant projects and corruption

According to the appointment of the formal auditor-general Ambrin Buang by Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir on June 6 stated that Ambrin will spearhead a committee tasked with investigating the previous government’s administration, finances and acquisitions, I hereby state that,

  1. I support this appointment and hope that the said committee can also be set up and appointed on the state government level at the same time in order to investigate the previous state government’s administration, finances and acquisitions;
  2. Beside the investigation on government’s plans and on-going projects (as pointed by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, the Defence Ministry would be the first to be probed), I hope that the said committee can also probe the plans and on-going projects which are handled by GLC (Government-Linked Companies) in order to avoid GLC to be exploited by political figures to build “white elephant projects” which will only favour the friends and associates of the said political figures;
  3. Since this is a special appointed audit committee and its job scope and responsibilities would be different to the Audit Committee’s (the target group of investigation of Audit Committee include state government as well as GLC and the investigation report issued by them will have to be submitted to the parliament and state assembly and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will conduct investigative questioning according to the report) and although the job scope and responsibilities of the special audit committee have not been finalised yet, but I hope the above-mentioned responsibilities of Audit Committee can be included as well and I encourage independent people to be appointed as committee member by the committee in order to achieve good supervision;
  4. On top of the investigation on government and state government’s finances, I hope that the said committee can investigate the finances of local councils as well if necessary;
  5. Focusing on Johor, I consider the primary projects that are required to be re-investigated and probed includes the Million housing and land corruption by Johor executives case which was revealed on Feb 2017 as well as those expensive and costly “white elephant projects” – “Container’s Hawker Centres”, which were built around the state but now had been abandoned, and “Container’s Fitness Centres”.

I hope that by implementing the above-mentioned points into Malaysia’s auditing system, all of the government’s projects can be built to achieve the maximum benefit for the good of Malaysia and its people.

Chew Chong Sin
SA for Mengkibol
Media statement by Chew Chong Sin in Johor Bahru on Thursday, 7th June 2018