Links between developer, lawyer and police must be investigated impartially

This is a shocking revelation. I didn’t think the developer, One City, will be so reckless as to try and work a back door solution to the Seafield Maha Mariamman temple issue.

Clearly, the lawyers would not have hired thugs without the full knowledge of the management. And neither would they have paid the mobsters RM150,000 out of pocket.

This is an outrageous strategy by the developer to gain control of the land where the temple sits on – one that has the potential to turn into a full-blown racial riot.

And it also raises a crucial question if this plan was executed with the cooperation of the police.

It’s reported that once the temple is secured, the developer together with the police would have taken pocession of the temple.

This argument does hold water as we cannot dismiss the fact that the police turned up at the temple two hours after the clashes had begun, when the nearest police station is just about one kilometre away.

The clashes are horrifying and has resulted in women, men and the elderly being injured. It has also resulted in damage to properties.

As such this twisted plot to access the land is heinous and mortifying.

The police must therefore investigate its own men without fear or favour and all those responsible must be charged in an open court.

It has been a sad two days and not just because of the clashes but also because mobsters within the Indian community have also caused grievous bodily harm to a fire fighter who is on life support, attacked the media and vandalised the developer’s office.

This is totally unbecoming and must stop. Together with this, spreading fake news hinting that the clashes are racial in nature must be stopped immediately, as well.

While I once again urge the public to remain calm and not give way to emotions, my prayers are with Muhammad Adib who is fighting for his life and the others who are injured.

Media statement by Charles Santiago in Parliament on Wednesday, 28th November 2018