MCA resolution for the dissolution of BN is laughable

Yesterday, the MCA annual general meeting passed a resolution for the dissolution of Barisan Nasional (BN) and for a more effective coalition to be forged. This comes after much talk about MCA leaving BN, especially in light of UMNO actively and unabashedly courting PAS.

The general assembly has delegated the power to the central committee for them to take the next course of action, and they are to take the proposal to BN Supreme Council.

The whole resolution and action plan is laughable. Even when they were a 7-11 seat party (7 parliament, 11 state seats), all UMNO needs to do is to open their mouth to set MCA running. What more now when they are a 1-2 seat party. They may “1-2” dissolve BN, but they have nothing to bring to the table when proposing the dissolution to the BN supreme council.

MCA had a chance to make a clean break from UMNO during their AGM. But they chose to bring down the coalition, instead of just walking out. MCA should learn from Gerakan on how to leave Barisan. Now they will have to endure another year of shame, stripped of dignity, being bullied and ignored by UMNO, who in turn actively courts PAS.

The New Malaysia gives more room to opposition compared to the old regime. MCA has the financial backing to carry out their political programs. They still have some supporters, and they definitely have the time. There is nothing holding back MCA from going forward. Nothing except themselves.

Lim Lip Eng
Media statement by Lim Lip Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 3rd December 2018