To Najib: Why ask for a gag order if you really wanted the trial be telecast live?

The Federal Court will hear the former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s application for review against the lifting of the order to stay of the SRC trials tomorrow (04.04.2019). On the same day, the Federal Court will also hear four other appeals, which include the appeal for the application of a gag order to prevent the media and public from discussing the merits of the SRC’s trial.

I have questioned yesterday what Najib is afraid of for the trial be commenced as he has in fact openly agreed and called for the live telecast of the SRC’s trial when it was first mooted by the netizens.

This morning, Najib has again tried to delay the trial when his counsels made a last gasp attempt to postpone the SRC trial. Najib has now also continue with the appeal for the gag order which was rejected by the Court earlier.

My question to Najib is – why ask for a gag order if you really wanted the trial be telecast live?

Clearly, Najib only wants seek the fame and ride on the netizens’ call for live telecast, to create a perception of “Nothing to Hide” and “Nothing to Fear”. He has never wanted the trial be telecast live. Otherwise, he would not have restlessly sought for the gag order.

Let us expose Najib’s true face. He is definitely not the fearless-Bossku that he was trying to portray.

Najib’s intention on the gag order is clear – to minimize and curb the discussion by the People on the cases pending, hoping that the people will forget his wrongdoings and damage to the nation in his attempt to make a come-back.

Wong Kah Woh
Media statement by Wong Kah Woh in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 3rd April 2019