Selangor Sultan’s suspension of Najib’s titles in time to stop Malaysia’s moral decline plunging to new depths

Ex-Prime Minister Najib has successfully re-branded himself with the slogan “Malu Apa Bossku”. He is now recognised even by a witness with the slogan in the SRC trial.

It is indeed amazing how desperately low our country’s moral standards had sunken to. Many leaders of other countries would rather commit suicide than to face the ignominy of arrested or going to trials for corruptions. On 17/05/2019, Peru’s ex-president Alan Garcia put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger as police arrived to arrest him on bribery charges, even though he denied the charges against him in a suicide note.

It must be a sight to behold that Najib was mobbed by people trying to shake his tainted hands and to have selfies taken with him everywhere he went. Even university students who should have known better were attracted to the world notorious kleptocrat like a superstar.

The leaders of the opposition are no better. Najib was the single biggest reason why Barisan Nasional, UMNO , MCA and MIC lost power after 61 years. They should have renounced Najib as the mastermind of the mega-scandals involving 1MDB, Tabung Haji and Felda. They should cut all ties with him and Rosmah immediately to start afresh rebuilding their image and reputation as political parties with principles free of corruption. Surprisingly, instead of avoiding Najib like a plague, they continued to defend him and exploited his cult-like popularity with young people to win votes. It seemed not to occur to them there was no honour or respectability in winning if they needed a thief to help.

Malaysia is indeed in deep troubles when the citizens and political leaders are becoming shameless and without principles. Even the esteemed institutions are not spared from being affected. Already many do not trust our police and our judges to be righteous and uphold the rules of laws as intended. An ex-minister even proudly declared in the noble house of Parliament that to steal is not wrong if the person can avoid being caught.

Fortunately, the Sultan of Selangor had seen fit to suspend the honorific titles bestowed on Najib and Rosmah pending outcome of the multiple court cases. The titles from Negeri Sembilan were already stripped by the palace since last October. The rulers of other states may follow soon.

If indeed Najib does not feel any shame and continue to claim to be a victim, he should wear the orange lock-up uniform like others next time he is arrested. We will see whether he feels comfortable without his suit and tie. People may finally wake up to the fact that he has committed grave crimes against the country. He is not only the biggest kleptocrat the world has ever seen, but the most shameless and destructive of them all. He had managed to bring down this country financially and morally to the deepest abyss ever imaginable.

Dr Ko Chung Sen
Media statement by Dr. Ko Chung Sen in Ipoh on Saturday, 11th May 2019