Only the corrupt or those protecting the corrupt are fearful of public declaration of assets

PAS President Datuk Seri Mohamad Abdul Hadi Awang continues to foment a dangerous culture of hate to justify its refusal to promote transparency, by stating that declaring assets is a communist or socialist concept that may have been dreamt up by DAP, which he claims influences the government today. Declaration of assets is not a communist or socialist concept and is in fact not practiced in many communist and socialist countries. It is rules-based, ethically-centred and values-driven to establish institutions that build up integrity and fight corruption in government and society. Only the corrupt or those protecting the corrupt are fearful of public declaration of assets.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had opposed the Parliamentary motion requiring all MPs to declare their assets, arguing that doing so would put lawmakers and their families at risk, and that it went against Islam as the religion discouraged the act of displaying wealth. This is wrong and false when Penang state government leaders had publicly declared their assets for the past 8 years without any problem or risk to themselves or their families.

PAS top leaders had even stated that non-Muslims should not be Ministers because they are not Muslims, even though such hate speech banning non-Muslims is unconstitutional. Such hate speech by PAS leaders is consistent with PAS policy of equating anything that PAS opposes or is uncomfortable with, or scandals or controversies involving PAS leaders as unIslamic or anti-Islam.

Previously non-Malay and non-Muslim leaders were targeted with lies and derogatory terms like pigs. During the recent annual PAS Muktamar in Kuantan, there were hate speeches against non-Malays or non-Muslims, against Mandarin to the extent of calling for the closing down Chinese schools. Malaysians who are moderate, especially non-Malays or non-Muslims, will find it difficult to support PAS, and PAS can count themselves very lucky to even get 5% of non-Muslim votes. This is another reason why PAS can not make any headway in Sabah or Sarawak, and the opposition has no chance of winning power in Putrajaya.

PAS stand opposing public declaration of assets is clearly intended to protect opposition leaders embroiled in corruption, especially the nefarious 1MDB scandal. By doing so, PAS has lost its moral and ethical core and there is no more reason to support a party that has demonstrated its supreme incompetence in managing its economy and governing a state. This is best proven by PAS turning Kelantan into a failed state that is financially bankrupt, to the extent that the Kelantan state government can not even afford to pay its civil servants.

Despite such racist and extremist anti non-Muslim and anti non-Malay rhetoric, there are political parties like MCA and MIC that continues to co-operate and support UMNO and PAS. Clearly MCA and MIC has forsaken their principles of diversity, national unity and defending the rights of all Malaysians in favour of promoting their own selfish political interest, especially when both parties are also ensnared in the 1MDB scandals.

DAP leaders can expect PAS, UMNO, MCA and MIC to abuse their control over the mainstream media to demonize the DAP and gloss over their connection with the 1MDB scandal. This is proven by the conduct of some Chinese media for failing to carry out their professional journalistic duty in full coverage of the Kojadi scandal and MCA, involving the transfer of RM15 million from Yayasan 1MDB to Kojadi. .

Speech by Lim Guan Eng during the members dialogue with ministers organised by DAP Penang on Saturday, 6th July 2019