Congratulations to Ti Lian Ker – successfully converted himself to be a big fan of UMNO-PAS pact

Congratulations to MCA Vice-President Ti Lian Ker who has successfully converted himself to be a big fan of UMNO-PAS pact.

When UMNO-PAS pact was first mooted, we have seen the objections from the then MCA President, Liow Tiong Lai and Deputy President, Wee Ka Siong. We can also vividly remember the disagreement from Ti himself.

Things have changed, when UMNO has chosen to ignore MCA’s complaints and proceeded with their unilaterally co-operation with PAS. MCA may not be able to stop UMNO, but the rightful thing for MCA to do for the nation, is leave BN and isolate UMNO to its own support base. MCA has refused to do so, and continue to be the most-loyal coalition partner to UMNO.

The formalization of UMNO-PAS pact presents a danger for the nation building, leading Malaysians back to the old foil of racial and religious politics. Ti is right to mention about the need to narrow the racial and religious divide in a multiracial Malaysia, but he has actually slapped on himself hard in endorsing UMNO-PAS pact.

BN is the maestro in playing divide and rule politics. There had been countless of attempts by UMNO to label DAP as “anti-Islam”, “anti-Malays” but no proof was ever furnished by the UMNO-accuser while challenged. There had also been repeated accusations by UMNO that DAP is controlling the PH Government. On the other hand, MCA had been accusing DAP of not able to control the Government. So, what is the real stance of BN?

MCA may have tasted the sweet memories of UMNO-PAS pact in the by-elections especially the Cameron Highlands’ by-election. This may be the reason why MCA has a 180 degree turn in their approach, despite the strong call from the MCA 65th Annual General Meeting in December last year, to dissolve BN.

MCA is now endorsing the toxic politics of race and religion to be escalated in Malaysia. Is MCA putting their own political interest above the interest of the nation building?

Wong Kah Woh
Media statement by Wong Kah Woh in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 16th September 2019