Let us keep our moral compass locked on the shared values and commonalities of our diverse cultures and religion instead of focusing on the differences this Malaysia Day

Malaysia Day is celebrated for the 56thyear and the nation appears to more polarized now than it has ever been with hatemongers using social media platforms to spread lies, hatred, distrust and a malicious intention to cause racial disharmony and discord.

From false news, edited images, fake videos and misleading information, these groups shamelessly and brazenly share these images and news creating a mountain out of a molehill.

The constant and persistent nature of these people was indeed to the run up of the marriage of convenience or one that is made ‘till death do them part’ between 2 parties in the opposition which is United Malays National Organization (UMNO and the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) announced through a National Consensus Charter.

What is the content of the National Consensus Charter and how will the voices of all Malaysians be represented in the substance of the charter?

What is disturbing is that many present there were the ones who at every whim and fancy pull out their wild cards – the race card, the religion card and sometimes the royalty card.

This newest development in matrimony must resonate as a sound reminder to all Malaysians to stay united no matter what happens, no matter how deep these snakes try to push the wedge in to remind us on our differences, that it is the commonalities, the shared values, beliefs and conscience that will cement the foundation of what it truly means to be Malaysians in our Malaysia.

It is undeniable that Malaysia consists of a myriad of diverse cultures, religion, languages, beliefs and civilizations – all different in its own individual and unique way but instead of bringing the dialogue and discussion on the differences, Malaysians must realign our own moral compasses to focus on the connection, the correlation, harmony and kinship between us all. The values of our faiths to honour our parents, to love our neighbours, to forgive those who have sinned against us, to be compassionate, to be honest, trustworthy, hardworking, responsible and to always, always fill our hearts with love, hope, courage and peace.

Let this 56thMalaysia Day celebration be the clarion call for us all to embrace what connects us all and discard and reject all forms of racism, religious bigotry, misogyny, patriarchy and extremism, a day when all 13 states and 3 federal become one under our great banner of the Jalur Gemilang.

Selamat Hari Malaysia, my tanahairku!

Kasthuri Patto
Media statement by Kasthuri Patto in Batu Kawan on Monday, 16th September 2019