MCA made RM11.42 Million fortune from building and operating TARUC hostel but the hostel is run down and in poor and harsh condition. Challenge for Wee Ka Siong to spend a night in TARUC hostel to understand the problems faced by TARUC student

Desmond Chan, a TARANY candidate for TARUC student representative council election revealed in a Facebook post that TARUC Setapak Main Campus student hostel is run down, in poor and harsh condition and hostel facilities are not upgraded. I urge MCA President and TARUC Board of Trustees Chairman Wee Ka Siong to come out from his hiding and respond to the poor and harsh TARUC hostel condition. I challenge Wee Ka Siong to spend a night in TARUC hostel to understand the problems faced by TARUC students staying in the hostel.

MCA has made a fortune of RM11.42 Million from building and operating the TARUC student hostel, however TARUC students are forced to stay in a poor and harsh hostel conditions with hostel facilities not upgraded.

Desmond Chan also mention in his Facebook post that there were several problems plaguing the students staying in TARUC hostel including no proper place for students to park their bicycles. Students are forced to park their bicycles without proper parking risking to be fined by the hostel management. There is only one socket plug for each hostel room which is insufficient and the toilet emits a bad odour.

Students are also forced to hang their clothes at the narrow corridor outside the hostel to dry their clothes, but there is no sun light and students also risk their clothes being stolen. The water dispenser machine is located in a dirty and unhygienic environment which may affect the water supply. Students also mention that they were not allow to iron their clothes in the hostel and have to go to their friend’s house staying outside the hostel to iron their clothes.

Apart from that, students could not access the free wifi in their hostel room and have to do their homework and study in the canteen even during night time. If the students want to use wifi in their hostel room, they have to pay a high subscription fees. This reminds me of the story of a poor scholar in ancient China, Kuang Heng who cannot afford a study lamp, where he chisel the wall and “steal” the light from his neighbour. TARUC students are now like the modern day Kuang Heng where they are forced to “chisel the wall and steal wifi”.

Today is the fifth day after Christmas and tomorrow is the last day of 2019, but Wee Ka Siong is still playing dumb and chose not to respond to the issue of MCA making RM11.42 Million from TARUC student hostel. This proves that from the beginning MCA does not care about the poor Chinese student’s welfare but just using them as an excuse to raise donations and funds from the Chinese community. MCA is only concern about how to squeeze the most profit and money from TARUC student hostel contract.

Wee Ka Siong should not hide in his luxury 1,000 square feet Board of Trustees Chairman office in TARUC. I challenge Wee Ka Siong to spend a night in TARUC hostel to understand the problems faced by TARUC student.

Chong Zhemin
Media statement by Chong Zhemin in Ipoh on Monday, 30th December 2019