What is the status of MySalam for the M40 group?

MySalam is a free health protection scheme introduced by the formet Pakatan Harapan government.

Since it was introduced, MySalam has provided financial protection for 4.3 million Malaysians against critical illnesses and hospitalisation. Those eligible can receive direct cash payment of RM8,000 and claim hospitalisation benefit to the sum of RM50 per day.

The MySalam scheme is supposed to be widen to the M40group, i.e. those with gross annual income of up to RM100,000, this year. The registration for M40 has taken place earlier this year and ended on 31 March 2020.

However, M40 applications who have registered have not received any updates although almost 3 months have passed since the end of the registration.

The MySalam website currently states that the MySalam initiative for eligible M40 has been postponed to a date which will be announced later.

I call upon the government to state the current status of MySalam, especially for the M40 which should have been implemented.

Is the new government continuing the MySalam programme or has it been stopped?

Any delay or refusal by the government to widen MySalam to the M40 means those who are eligible will be denied their right for assistance when they fall ill.

Khoo Poay Tiong
Media statement by Khoo Poay Tiong in Malacca on Thursday, 25th June 2020