List out the sizes and location of each barren government land in the state of Johor

The Johor State Assembly will convene and submit the 2021 Budget on the 26th of this month. I will ask the following questions in the State Assembly: The sizes and location of each piece of barren government land in the state of Johor and the area of idle agricultural land at the “Modern Farming Project” sites on Jalan Ayer Hitam and Padang Hijau:

Sila nyatakan keluasan dan lokasi setiap keping tanah terbiar kerajaan di seluruh negeri, mengikut daerah?

Sila nyatakan keluasan tanah yang tidak dimajukan di tapak Ayer Hitam dan tapak Padang Hijau bawah Projek Pertanian Moden?

I urge the state government to set the modernisation of agricultural development as an economic development strategy for the state of Johor in the 2021 Budget, and to increase policy support and funding for the use of modern agricultural technology and for young people in the agriculture sector.

According to the information disclosed by the Department of Agriculture Kluang during the ‘Agricultural Technology Day” organised by the state assemblyman office on 2nd October last year, the district of Kluang has more than 832 hectares of private barren land, while the government owned barren lands have not been counted at that point of time.

Since the government is willing to provide a lot of cash living assistance and implement the deficit budget, then the reclamation of barren lands that can bring productivity and increase income should be fully opened to assist the economic recovery under the pandemic, and encourage young people to apply for barren land and reclamation grants to join the modern agriculture sector.

I demand the Department of Agriculture of different districts to highlight the problems on barren land applications and open up for applications. The Department of Agriculture Kluang and I held two seminars and service counters for agricultural assistance applications in July and October last year, this was in line with the Pakatan Harapan government’s new policy to encourage cultivation of barren lands. This assistance includes the provision of fertilisers, herbicides, seedlings, lawn mowers, watering systems etc. The reclaim of barren lands do not include the cultivation of oil palm, rubber, pepper and cocoa.

Anyone who is interested in applying for government assistance for agricultural projects should feel free to visit their local district Department of Agriculture office in person to obtain information on eligibility and proceed with the application.

Chew Chong Sin
Media statement by Chew Chong Sin in Johor Bahru on Friday, 20th November 2020