In solidarity and support of Malaysiakini

The prosecution asked for a RM200,000-penalty but the six federal court judges slapped Malaysia’s first online news portal with RM300,000 more.

This fine is not punitive but vindictive.

It raises questions about the independence of the judiciary and also wags a warning finger at us, to not speak out.

This ruling is beyond appalling and takes a whack at media freedom and the freedom of expression.

Every reader has the right to express their opinions and views without being penalised for it.

We are clearly regressing if critical views are shut down; if we cannot speak truth to power.

Malaysiakini has been instrumental in shifting the media landscape of the country.

It continues to be the go-to space for reliable and credible news.

The Malaysiakini team has launched a fundraiser to help pay the fine and I take this opportunity to ask each and everyone of you to please contribute.

We must stand together and in solidarity with Malaysiakini at this moment in time as a way of sending a strong message that we will not be broken; that we will continue to fight for freedom and justice and that we will support each other especially during tough times.

In solidarity with Malaysiakini and my deepest appreciation for going the extra mile to bring us news that matter.

Media statement by Charles Santiago in Klang on Friday, 19th February 2021