PN government is equally culpable for PAS insistence on racial and religious electoral apartheid and Harakah Daily printing an inflammatory article pouring scorn on non-Malays or non-Muslims, especially Christians, helping Malays or Muslims

The PN government including MCA, GPS and MIC, is equally culpable for PAS insistence on racial and religious electoral apartheid, that not only diminish but deny non-Muslims and non-Malays the value of their voting rights, as guaranteed under the Federal Constitution. Further, Pas newspaper Harakah Daily, prints an inflammatory and defamatory article that pours scorn on non-Malays or non-Muslims, especially those who are Christian by faith, helping Malays or Muslims.

Universiti Utara Malaysia senior lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff disgraced his academic position by writing in Harakah questioning the motives of DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam Steven Sim helping a Malay Muslim in Steven’s own constituency. Kamarul maliciously labelled Sim as a Chinese Christian evangelist, even though Steven does not do any preaching at any church.

Kamarul even compared Sim’s gift of a motorcycle to a similar aid of a motorcycle given by a Malay Deputy Minister to a Malay Muslim, even though social media users pointed out that Steven Sim is no longer a Deputy Minister and had no access to government funds. Why is PAS giving space to those that appears to frown and pour scorn on non-Malays or non-Muslims helping Malays or Muslims by labelling them as Chinese Christian evangelist?

PAS is bringing religious extremism and racism in Malaysia to a new and dangerous level by openly and unashamedly discriminating, marginalising and excluding non-Muslims and non-Malays. PAS Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities Khairuddin Aman Razali, reiterated unashamedly PN’s objective to win a two-thirds majority in the next general election, to redraw election boundaries in a way that will benefit Malays and Muslims.

This unequivocal admission of gerrymandering constituencies is clearly unconstitutional made at the expense of Malaysians who uphold parliamentary democracy, particularly non-Malays and non-Muslims. PAS clearly wants a different Malaysian identity, a mutant variation that has no place for diversity, inclusiveness and a multi-racial or multi-religious Malaysia.

Nothing is stated in the Federal Constitution that there can be redelineation of constituencies based on race and religion. Such racial and religious gerrymandering contradicts the fundamental democratic principle of equal representation and value of “one-person, one-vote”.

Khairuddin explained the redrawing of electoral boundaries with a racial and religious bias was to restore the rights of the rakyat who have been oppressed for far too long, especially states on the east coast, Kedah and Pahang. If Khairuddin is correct that the people in these states have been oppressed, he must remember that it is not non-Malays or non-Muslims who have done the oppression, but Muslim and Malay leaders he is now working with in the PN government. Instead of punishing the oppressor, why then “oppress” non-Muslims and non-Malays by denying them their constitutional rights?

Schedule 13 of the Malaysia’s Constitution specifically prohibits malapportionment and gerrymandering of electoral boundaries. There already exists severe malapportionment and gerrymandering where voters in rural areas have greater voter weightage of up to 7 times more compared to urban counterparts.

Now PAS wants to put in an additional perversion to the value of one-person one vote and principle of equal representation in a democracy, by lashing on the toxic mix of race and religion. The problem is that the non-Muslims and non-Malays in Cabinet will remain silent and subservient, betraying their own communities and the Federal Constitution to remain in power.

Media statement by Lim Guan Eng in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 21st April 2021