It’s time for Muhyiddin to step up and show some leadership

It’s been rumoured for years now, that the Special Branch was used as a tool by politicians to further their interests.

This has been confirmed by former IGP Abdul Hamid Bador.

The Police Commission and Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, must stop this abuse, which are for personal political gains.

Or, the erosion of confidence in the police force will prevail.

Its also ironic that Muhyiddin has been silent about Home Minister, Hamzah Zainudin’s involvement in using the intelligence unit as his political tool.

And we have not heard a whimper from him about the “cartel of dirty cops” as alleged by Hamid.

This is disturbing to say the least. Therefore, it’s time for Muhyiddin to step up and show some leadership.

Media statement by Charles Santiago in Klang on Tuesday, 4th May 2021