It is perplexing for Wong Soon Koh to hit out at DAP rather then focusing his criticism on the GPS

It is perplexing for Wong Soon Koh to hit out at DAP rather then focusing his criticism on the GPS.

Politic reality and the overall national political landscape dictate that a national party has the advantage over any local-based party which is confined only to a state. Whether Wong Soon Koh agrees to this view or otherwise, there is no need for his attack on DAP for holding such view.

Under the current PN/BN/GPS government, most businesses and people are suffering. Ringgit is now at its lowest ever value against the Singapore dollar, rate of inflation is triple that of PH’s time and costs of living has increased tremendously, many construction works are stalled because of escalating of costs of raw material.

Administratively, the country’s Corruption Perception Index has dropped from the 51 st position in 2019 (PH Government) to the 62 nd position in 2021. The country is in serious trust deficit and is made worse with the recent MACC attack on the judiciary and Security Commission scandal.

The current PN/BN/GPS Government has no solution to these economic problems and provides no direction for the country. The so-called “local-party” GPS is also part of the reasons for the sufferings of the people.

Therefore, the issue concerning the people is not whether a party is a local-party or otherwise, but which party or coalition has the holistic and national plan to reset our country and get us out of the current doldrums.

The impending GE15 is an opportunity for the whole country, including Sarawak to rectify and reset. It will be a choice between continuing with the current corrupt and incompetent alliance government on the one hand or voting for a change and at least some hope for the difference.

Therefore, it is pertinent that the Opposition parties in Sarawak should stop singing the same tune as the GPS in advocating the parochial local-party doctrine and fanning the regionalism sentiment to cloud the real issue facing the people. By singing the same local-party tune along with GPS, these parties will only help to consolidate GPS’ stranglehold on its power.

To fight the PN/BN/GPS government in the coming general elections, it should be on issues of national economic policies, how businesses are to recover and how jobs are created and saved.

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman
Media statement by Chong Chieng Jen in Kuching on Wednesday, 11th May 2022