UMNO-PN infighting: Job creation for government MPs at the expense of the nation?

Muhyiddin said the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri “can create new Ministry” for Zuraidah who has resigned from PPBM if the PM wants to keep Zuraidah, but not on PPBM’s quota.

The nation had already had enough Ministries and Ministers under the short stint of Muhyiddin’s Premiership and Ismail Sabri’s Premiership, both with 32 full Ministers. The Pakatan Harapan’s Cabinet in 2018 has only 28 members despite having a larger majority in the numbers of MPs.

Both BN-PN’s Prime Ministers had even split Ministry of Energy Science Technology Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC) into 3 different Ministries of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KETSA), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Ministry of Environment, not due to the complexity of the works but merely a “job creation exercise” for the Government MPs in order to gain their continuous support.

Muhyiddin is now even talking to add fats to the already bloated Cabinet. In the eyes of Muhyiddin, it seems that it is all well to compromise the Nation and People’s interest in the power-struggle between UMNO and PPBM.

The nation is facing an unprecedented price hike, and yet Muhyiddin is only interested to “creating new Ministry” as a short cut in handling the infighting for power and positions between UMNO and PN?

Wong Kah Woh
MP for Ipoh Timor
Media statement by Wong Kah Woh in Ipoh on Wednesday, 22nd June 2022